About my Road Test Tips video above

I’m most proud of my video: “Rock Kendall’s Road Test Tips.” I produced it to help my clients do even better on the road test: a “driving performance evaluation” in the DMV’s nomenclature. My video has nearly 3 million views now at YouTube. Two concepts, however, that I would put there if I had it to do again involve “Goldilocks” and “war zones” as in:

Let “Goldilocks” be your best friend during your road test. (“Just right.” Not too fast. Not too slow.)

And at intersections, don’t just “Scan. Scan. Scan.” But look around like there are angry snipers lurking everywhere, just as if you are entering a war zone rather than an ordinary traffic intersection.

Tell yourself: “This is easy. I like it!”

When I made this video in 2004, YouTube did not yet exist and beyond sharing it with my clients via DVD and VHS discs and tapes, I made it available online at Amazon.com. But once YouTube took off, I made it available to all for free at YouTube.

Here’s some of the info from the back of the original DVD and VHS cases:

Rock O. Kendall, Attorney at Law, is dedicated to representing drivers throughout California who face medical or skill issues in hearings at the DMV Driver Safety Offices. Rock works with hearing officers—not against them—showing how and why each client should be allowed a permit for private lessons and then a drive test.

Whether you are a first-time drive test taker, or a seasoned driving veteran, it is crucial to know that passing your driver’s test is not just about being a good driver: You must also be a good test taker!

This educational film explains in clear detail the concepts and techniques you’ll want to employ to ensure a passing score on your test. It is filled with straightforward tips uncovered from years of helping drivers from all walks of life obtain or regain their driving privilege.

Viewers will gain confidence and competence by practicing these tips to a successful drive test. Ace yours!


Please click the above link on this page to view Rock Kendall’s Road Test Tips at YouTube.

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