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Attorney Fees

Mr. Kendall’s fee is a flat fee: A “true retainer” of $5,000 for cases in southern California; or $6,000 for cases in northern California.

Mr. Kendall’s standard contract agreement covers three matters:

  1. Getting ready for a hearing (or interview);
  2. Attending with the client that in-person DMV Driver Safety Office appointment if it is, in fact, required to move the case forward; and
  3. Any and all “follow up” work after the hearing short of any additional “in-person” appointment at the DMV.

Mr. Kendall’s current contract reads, in part:

“I will, as necessary, attend one DMV hearing (or interview) with you as your attorney to try to overcome (or avoid) any Order of Suspension/Revocation in this matter. This fee is payable in full upon signing this contract. I can take you to the hearing or arrange for you to get there. (I do not, however, take clients to any subsequent driving exam. If we succeed in obtaining a driving exam date, you will need to provide for your transportation that day.) This fee also includes, however, all work incident to preparing for the hearing and any necessary follow-up work with the DMV, driving school, etc., after the hearing, short of attending another hearing or interview at the DMV. For example, if a three-way conference call is required as follow-up work after a road test, that would be included under this agreement.”

Mr. Kendall reserves the right to refuse contracting with any prospective client that he feels is unlikely to prevail at the DMV Driver Safety Office. Tough cases? Yes. Impossible cases? No.

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