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A Passion for Helping Others

One is most alive when helping others. Perhaps you have helped others your entire life. If your driver license is in jeopardy, or if it is already suspended or revoked, now is the time to let a professional help you. We’d like to do just that. And as an attorney focused exclusively on medical, vision and skill issues, We are best suited to serve you at any of the DMV Driver Safety Offices throughout California.

Perhaps you already received a letter from the DMV informing you that you have a right to employ an attorney to counsel, assist and represent you. While there is no law requiring this, it is your right. And in making your decision you’ll need information specific to your unique facts.

So call us to discuss how we can help you. Helping drivers in your predicament is not just my profession. It is our passion.

The DMV Is NOT Your Enemy

The DMV’s Hearing Officer is not the “enemy.” You’ll want to “sell” your premise that you should get your license back. Typically, this requires passing both the written test, and the stringent “skill” test, officially known as a Driving Performance Evaluation.

Two steps have proven helpful in accomplishing this:

      1. Get your doctors to help. Do you have a driver license medical suspension? Ask your physician and your eye doctor to complete the DMV’s Driver Medical Evaluation form or DMV’s Report of Vision Examination form. It may also help if your doctors each write a brief letter stating whether they believe that you are presently qualified to drive, assuming that you pass the DMV exams; and whether any limitation should be placed upon your driving privilege.
      2. Ask for driving lessons first. At your hearing, early on, ask for a “Special Instruction Permit” so that you may employ a private professional instructor prior to being re-tested. Being a good test taker is not the same thing as being a good driver. It is something more. So no matter how competent you may feel about your ability to drive, a few lessons from a licensed driving instructor should go far toward improving your ability to pass your driving exam. Simply having had a professional coach with a critical eye in your car will likely make you more relaxed when that person is a DMV examiner. And knowing your weaknesses and having a chance to improve before your exam will make you both more confident and competent during your test. By Rock Kendall

Focus On Relevant Facts

Don’t argue about what caused your license to be suspended or revoked. And don’t talk about how long you’ve been driving or why you need to drive. Focus instead on the more relevant issue: Whether you should be driving now. Prove this with your doctors’ letters of support and your desire to improve your driving (and test taking) skill.

Your Case Is Unique—Like You

Each case, of course, is unique. Each case involves a single driver and the particular issues that caused the DMV to scrutinize that individual’s driver license situation. As a California DMV attorney, Mr. Kendall & Salvin, drawing on years of experience handling a great variety of these cases and providing representation at DMV hearings, carefully analyzes each to determine and develop the very best plan of action. In this step-by-step process, he seeks to find the best possible opportunity to return his client to safe, independent driving whenever possible.

We Can Help You!

Be positive! Contrary to what you may have heard, the DMV is not out to get all driving seniors off the road. Mr. Kendall’s & Salvin’s successful clients range in age from 17 to 101.

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