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Keep Driving

Stop Driving… On Your Own Terms!

Some day, each and every one of us will no longer be driving. There are countless possible ways that this may happen. One of the biggest preventable ways, however, is government intervention: Having the DMV tell us to turn in the keys!

If you are not ready to stop driving, there are things that you may do to keep the DMV at bay:

  1. Take a driver-improvement course such as the 8-hour AARP Driver Safety Program; and consider enhancing that “classroom” participation with actual behind-the-wheel lessons from a driving school.
  2. Self-limit when, where and how you drive. For example: Do you hate those bright “high-intensity discharge” xenon headlights glaring at you when you drive at night? Okay. Don’t drive at night anymore. That’s a small inconvenience when compared to having an accident or being stopped by law enforcement and told to go to a DMV Driver Safety office to fight to keep your license.
  3. After any adverse contact by the DMV, call me, DMV Attorney Rock Kendall. Putting me to work early on your DMV matter helps me to be a most effective advocate for you.

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