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Who recommends you for DMV CA hearings?

My former clients, other attorneys, doctors, CPAs, clergy, and insurance companies have referred clients to us with confidence because they know that we do my very best as a CA DMV attorney for each and every client. We’ve even served several attorneys as clients, and other attorneys have referred their parents and children to us because they understand how important it is to have specialized expertise in the work at hand. In addition, we are a frequent speaker and teacher on DMV hearings and driver safety

What percentage of your clients actually get re-licensed?

About 80 percent get their licenses back. Without professional legal representation by an experienced CA DMV hearing attorney, however, the odds are much lower. In fact, just having a hearing does not in any way guarantee a later opportunity to take the drive test. But when our clients pass the written test and their doctors “ok” driving, we’ve always succeeded in getting our clients the opportunity to take the drive test.

What is the average age of your clients?

Most are between 70 and 80, but many are younger and some are older. My “oldest” client, so far, got his license back for five years at the age of 101. Another client has been driving again since age 98. He is 101 now.

Why do you take difficult cases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

We are California DMV lawyers, not a doctor, but my understanding is that these medical conditions, like others including stroke, dementia, epilepsy and diabetes affect individuals differently and in a broad range of stages progressing from mild to severe in their likely effect on driving competency.

Where there is a hearing (or follow-up “interview”) available, there is always hope. So our task is to show the hearing officer why we should be allowed further opportunity for re-licensing. This is done in different ways, depending upon the case. But one thing is always the same: I try to emphasize the positive aspects of my client’s case.

One way that we frequently do this, is to look “forward” with our clients to solutions to their problem, rather than “back” at what caused the DMV’s scrutiny in the first place. We don’t ignore the cause of the problem, but we do focus on the present and future in finding ways to solve it.

Why don’t you take DUI cases?

We don’t want to. All of our clients have one thing in common: They did not do anything intentionally to cause the DMV to question their driving competency. These are what the DMV calls physical and mental conditions. A DUI, on the other hand, typically has made a decision to drive after drinking or taking drugs.

Why should we hire you?

Because we focus our clients on the issues that can help them. And we prepare our cases on paper, not just by speaking up at the hearing. DMV hearing officers throughout California have told us that they appreciate the way we document our cases so that they may create a case file that reflects the reasonableness of their decision to either reinstate our clients immediately, or to provide an opportunity for a drive test, usually after sufficient behind-the-wheel lessons by a licensed instructor.

We don’t just do the hearing and then abandon our clients either. Our typical contract covers three aspects of the hearing process:

Preparation. This includes working with doctors and driving schools to create a compelling presentation for the hearing.
The Hearing. Typically, we’ll personally take our clients to the DMV’s Driver Safety Office so that we may discuss the hearing and answer any last minute questions. This is also a good time to help put our clients at ease.
Follow-up. we continue to work with our clients, the DMV hearing officer, the driving school, the doctors, whatever it takes so long as it is lawful, to move our clients back into the driver seat. Sometimes, for example, if a client fails a drive test, we can obtain a new Special Instruction Permit (SIP) by conducting a 3-way “conference” phone call with the hearing officer.

How long does all this take?

Most cases are in the 60- to 90-day range. Our record on the short side is 11 days. That’s 11 days from the time our clients first contacted us to the time we had him re-examined and back on the road with his Class C driver license.

What are your fees?

$5,000 flat fee for cases in southern California; $6,000 for cases in northern California. Please see “Attorney Fees” page from the menu at “Rock’s Law” for more detail about services.

Will you serve my area?

Yes! We have served clients in all 12 DMV Driver Safety Offices throughout the State of California–from Sacramento to San Diego:

  • Irvine.
  • El Segundo.
  • San Bernardino.
  • Van Nuys.
  • City of Commerce.
  • San Diego.
  • Oxnard.
  • Fresno.
  • San Jose.
  • San Francisco.
  • Sacramento.
  • Oakland.

Why does the DMV even have hearings?

Due process. It is a right initially flowing from the federal constitution that, in this context, means that even where the state calls something a “privilege,” such as driving, the state must afford folks a chance to be heard before taking it away.

OK. But, don’t they want to get all driving seniors off the road anyway?

No. In fact, each year we have more and more licensed drivers who are more than 100 years old. They’re competent too. The issues are knowledge (of the laws) and skill and ability to drive safely.

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