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DMV Written Test Tips

Rock’s Tips for the DMV’s Written Test:

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  • Study the current DMV’s California Drivers Handbook – especially the parts discussing NUMBERS such as the maximum speed limits: 15MPH in alleys and uncontrolled railroad crossings; 25MPH in residential, school or business districts, unless otherwise posted. Note the difference: Illegal vs. legal.
  • Do READ and answer EACH and every QUESTION one time only. If you mark two answers as “correct” you will not get credit for either answer. If you fail to answer a question, that will count against you just the same as if you marked a wrong answer. So answer the questions.
  • Do finish the written examination in a reasonable amount of time. This is an easy test, because there are only three possible answers for each question. But it is also a difficult test because you must miss no more than three questions out of 18; or six out of 36. Beware crosswalk vs. sidewalk.
  • You must accept as a fact, everything following the word “if.”Here are some other words and phrases to give extra consideration:


Be prepared to…
Under no circumstances
Look over your shoulder
Unless absolutely necessary

  • Pick the best answer from the three provided on your test sheet. This is a “multiple choice” exam – not a “fill-in-the-blank” test. Don’t fight it.
  • If you are not sure which the correct answer is, try to eliminate the two answers that appear to be the most unlikely candidates for right answers.
  • If you get frustrated, tell yourself: “This is fun! I like it!”


  • 24 Hrs to notify CHP/Police of injury accident.
  • 10 days to notify DMV injury or $750 or more property damage accident.
  • 5 days to notify DMV of sold car.


White: Can stop just long enough to pick-up or drop off passengers or mail.

Green: Can park for a limited time only (as indicated by sign or paint).

Yellow: Can stop no longer than posted for freight or passengers.

Red: No stopping. No standing. No parking.

Blue: Parking for disabled person with placard or disabled license plate only.


At corner (because there is a “crosswalk” whether or not it is painted there).
“Double” parking (next to a car already parallel parked by the curb).


  • .08% = Minimum BAC for DUI (Blood Alcohol Concentration)
  • .01% = Minimum BAC for DUI if under 21 years old.
  • -0-% BAC if under 18 years of age. (Zero tolerance for 16 & 17-year-olds.)
  • Under 18-year-old in vehichle? No one smokes.
  • 18 inches = maximum distance from curb when parallel parked.
  • Child under 8 years old or under 4’9″ tall MUST be in child safety seat.
  • Child under 16 but 8 years or older MAY use EITHER seatbelt OR safety seat.
  • Every 2-5 seconds: Check your mirrors–all three of them.


Boating, water skiing, etc. “DUI” still goes on Driving Record at DMV.
Cargo extending more than 4 feet from back of vehicle must display red flag or lights.
Broken signal light at intersection = treat it as “stop signs” for all directions.
Three second following distance rule.” How far back you remain from the car ahead.
Stay in the middle of your lane— “like a slot car.” No weaving over the line.
LOW BEAMS & WIPERS in Rain, Snow or Fog.

  • Parking Brake: Use it. Always. On. Off. (Don’t forget it at start/finish of test.)
  • Full stops. (“One, two, three” while firmly on the brake pedal.)
  • Pedestrians!! Yield to them.
  • S.M.O.G. … Don’t forget the “over my shoulder” part. Work on this.
  • Speed counts! (Can’t go too slow. Can’t go too fast. Go “just right.”)
  • No unnecessary stopping. Or slowing.
  • Can’t stay stopped (and confuse other drivers). Go when you should go.
  • The DMV is not testing what you “know” during the “performance” test.

GOOD LUCK! Keep working on these items and watching your video.

By Rock Kendall

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