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Road Test Tips

These are the 16 Tips from the video Rock Kendall’s Road Test Tips

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  1. Scan. Scan. Scan.
  2. Use your mirrors.
  3. Speed counts.
  4. Constant speed during smooth lane changes.
  5. Stay in your lane while turning (and S.M.O.G. – Signal, Mirrors, Over shoulder, Go.)
  6. Center left turn lanes.
  7. Be right. Stay right.
  8. Backing up safely.
  9. Smooth sailing on freeways.
  10. Intersection safety.
  11. A sure stop.
  12. Special right turns.
  13. No left feet.
  14. Right turns on red lights.
  15. Green arrow lights vs. solid green lights at intersections.
  16. Merge vs. yield signs.

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