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Diabetes DMV

Diabetes DMV, Diabetic, Dementia, and Stroke DMV

If the DMV receives a report of a driver with diabetes, DMV officials will conduct a driver safety reexamination. Each case is conducted on an individual basis. Depending on the individual condition of the person who is diabetic, DMV officials may administer written, vision, and drive tests, as well as question the driver to determine the specifics of his or her treatment regimen. According to the DMV, the investigation also takes into consideration the driver’s willingness to maintain his or her treatment regimen; any obstacles related to lifestyle, occupation, etc. that may interfere with the driver’s ability to adhere to the regimen; and the severity of any diabetes-related complications that may have developed.

Should the DMV determine that the driver is unable to drive safely, immediate action such as license suspension or revocation will be taken. The driver then has the option to request a hearing. At the hearing, a driver has the right to be represented by an attorney at his or her own expense. For drivers with diabetes, as well as drivers with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or dementia, DMV attorney Rock Kendall may help get licenses reinstated and get drivers back on the road legally and safely. If your license has been suspended/revoked because of one of these conditions or a stroke, DMV help is available. Contact Rock for a free consultation at 949-388-0524.

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